One of the most exciting things about a new year is that we can welcome some new faces on the Hardstyle labels. Last week Derailed Traxx announced the addition of Nick Novity, who is already known within our scene with releases at Scantraxx and X-Bone. We decided to speak with Nick Novity to see what he had to tell us about himself, his releases and Hardstyle fans in Germany.

First of all, can you introduce yourself to the public. Who is Nick Novity?
My real name is Yannick, I’m 26 years old and living in the countryside near Cologne in Germany.

How did you survive the last Covid years?
When the first lockdown and stuff happened I thought: “cool, more time to make some music”. But after months of only reading bad new and not being able to do what I like to do (going out, partying, any kind of social activities), really killed my motivation. After a while I tried to focus on things like learning to play an electric guitar and eventually I had some drive to produce music again.

Last week you were announced as a new member of the Derailed Traxx family. Why do you think Derailed Traxx fits your style and what do you expect from this label in the future?
Derailed Traxx is a label with some great talent and fresh music, more focused on the melodic side of Hardstyle. That’s where I also see myself as Nick Novity; melodic but still hard. I hope to release some great music and maybe make some connections with other artists on the label.

Next week you will release your first track at Derailed Traxx called ‘Time & Space’. Can you tell us something more about this track?
With ‘Time & Space’ I kind of wanted to simulate time travelling. The tracks starts off pretty futuristic in the mid-intro and then warps you back to the 80’s in the break, followed by a simple but energetic melody. Personally, I love the overall vibe in this track.


Which Nick Novity track are you most proud of so far?
That’s a though one to answer. If I have to choose then it would be ‘Make That Body Rock’ together with my buddy D-Cepter. This track is more Hardcore than Hardstyle, so it’s not something you would expect from Nick Novity. But the track is still really energetic and it got a lot of attention around the world. It’s also my first release with over 1 millions stream on Spotify, hope more will follow soon!

Which track made you fall in love with Hardstyle?
To be honest I can’t remember which specific track it was. But I do know that my love for Hardstyle started around 2009, with all the well-known Classics from artists like Davide Sonar, Wildstylez, Noisecontrollers etc.

How do you get inspiration for your music?
90% of the time I start making a track by writing a melody. After that I try to build a track that fits the vibe of this melody. Sometimes I just browse some samples and find that one sample which gives me the idea of the whole track.

You already had many gigs in Germany, what are the German Hardstyle fans like?
That really depends on the location where you play. On the one hand you have these clubs where the people only come because Hardstyle is trending nowadays, on the other hand you have clubs like Bootshaus where the people are really dedicated to the music and the vibe is insane. So overall it’s hard to give a general statement what the German Hardstyle fans are like.

What can we expect from you in the future?
More music and more quality stuff of course! My Last official Hardstyle release was in June 2020, so it’s time to get back on track and bring some new stuff at Derailed Traxx!


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