I AM HARDSTYLE announces the launch of a new sub label called: “I AM HARDSTYLE Amplify”. A place where talents find a unique platform with an in-house producers academy and a studio facility that helps them achieve their dream goals. The first artists that have signed to “I AM HARDSTYLE Amplify” are: Concept Art, Xense and Zero Days. More to be announced!

Over the past years I AM HARDSTYLE has become the most innovative fast-growing international brand in the industry with successful events in countries like Germany, Australia, Spain, Poland, Chile, Austria and The Netherlands. In 2019 a new label was created under the same flag to create a synergy that propels the artist signed to the label to new heights.

Nowadays artists like ANDY SVGE, Audiotricz, Blademasterz, Clockartz, Code Black, Toneshifterz, Dailucia, Rebourne, The Pitcher, TAC Team (Toneshifterz, Atmozfears & Code Black), Thyron and of course I AM HARDSTYLE’s founder Brennan Heart release their music on this label and also use the events to showcase their music.

Now the time is right to strengthen the family even more with the label that keeps an eye out for today’s talents that could become tomorrow’s legends. All artists on “I AM HARDSTYLE Amplify can’t wait to show you what they’re made of. Stay tuned!